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Good afternoon,

Thank you for signing up for Digital Photography I at the PhotoUno School! This class will run from July 14 to August 18 on Tuesdays from 6:30-8:30 p.m. We're excited to have you on board!

This is our beginner photography class, which we have designed to be:

Fun: We have prepared both indoor and outdoor exercises to make sure you are constantly practicing what you learn.
Effective: You won't believe how much you will learn in this 9 student class. Your satisfaction is guaranteed after attending all 6 classes. See what others think on our Yelp reviews.
Flexible: We know you are busy so we offer a couple of make-up class options in case you need to miss a class.

How long is the course?

This is a 12-hour class that meets 6 times for 2 hour.

This course offers students a presentation of their work with a Photography Exhibition at PhotoUno. Exhibitions are optional; they are not part of the course.

If you have any questions visit our FAQ section or call us 646.398.7939.

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Camera Roll
Ray Kennedy
July 9, 2015 at 10:49 AM
Call Back
Hey, coyote girl, it's me. Just wanted to call since I haven't talked to you in a couple of days, but you're probably at work or something. Don't forget your mom's birthday is this weekend. We're throwing her a little party on Saturday. I hope you and Ellie can break away from the big city for a few hours to spend some time with us little village people. Anyway, give me a call back when you get a chance. Love you, Wiley.
You know it's weird, sleeping alone after being with you for a week.
I know. I've got Pig, but it's still strange you aren't here.
I don't even have an animal, you know. Just Jas. And he doesn't sleep with me.
It'd be weird to sleep with a chameleon. But... Yeah. I'm not a fan of this whole sleeping alone business? No Topher legs to put my cold feet on.
He'd get cold, or squished. And it's alright, I know you like being in bed with me because I am a space heater.
Literally the only reason I like sharing a bed with you.
I guess I'm not very useful in the summer.
But you'll be amazing when fall rolls around.
I will be. Especially in Iceland.
You're going to hate me and my cold feet. Is it weird or too late to ask you to come over?
I don't think that's possible, kitten. Hmm...let me think.
Meow. We will see! I'll be here, waiting.
You're cute. I'm going to come kiss you.
Ahh, victory tastes sweet.
Nah, that'll be the trifle I'm going to bring.
What! What did I do to deserve a trifle...
Who said you get any? Maybe I'm just going to eat it in front of you.
This is possibly the worst punishment ever for being so evil to you for so long.
Like really, really slowly. It will be punishment, but also kind of sexy. Slow eating.
Do you really want to play the sexy, slow eating game around me? Because I can and will win that.
I guess it depends on what we're eating.
I bought a box of popsicles yesterday.
...yeah, you win. But I will still watch. Just to be sure.
Hurry up.
I'm coming.
You're so lucky I'm too lazy to make a million jokes right now. I'll leave the door unlocked so you and any murderers wandering the halls can get in easy.
Are you so lazy that I'm going to have to spoon feed you trifle? Because I will.
You spoil me, you know.
I know. I'm okay with it.
It's a miracle I still know how to function on my own. What am I gonna do when you leave me for Poland?
Cry into your pillow, I imagine. Smell my shirts.
Hey, did you get a call from Dad?
Yeah, about Mom's birthday this weekend? He left me a voicemail.
Oh good. Did you want to hitch a ride up to Sleepy Hollow on Saturday then?
Thought you'd never ask.
Here I am, your knight in shining armor. Speaking of...
You know, just trying to be nosy. How's the Polish boy?
You're the worst, kid.
But he's good! Still feeding me, so all is well. He came over last night and brought some sort of...strawberry trifle, which was terribly good. I'm going to get mega fat. Fair warning.
Oh, well as long as you aren't STARVING. But this is cute. Wyatt's first boyfriend. Do I get to sing the K-I-S-S-I-N-G song when I see you?
You could, but I will ignore the shit out of you.
That's a lie and you know it, sissy. Am I ever going to get to try these infamous pastries?
Maaaaybe. We'll see. I know his sister was hoping to have some sort of sibling dinner night, let you meet everyone and everyone meet you.
Set it up! I have a lot of embarrassing stories about you that I need to share ASAP.
Okay but, like, no? I embarrass myself enough, I don't need your help, boo.
WELL fine. But if I don't get to meet him this weekend, then soon, please! I don't need you to keep him hidden in some closet until I'm an old, senile woman, Wyatt.
That was my plan! Drats.
Har har har. You're so funny.
I know. :* I do it out of love.
Love and torment, I believe. But I've gotta go, things to do. I'll see you this weekend!
You will! Just call when you're on your way to pick me up.
Helloooo, my gorgeous little sunfish.
hiya, my flawless, little apple pie! How's your day going?
Perfect. Day off, apartment is quiet, I can't complain. How's your day, lovely?
Ah, I envy this thing you call a day off. I've got some time to put in before my next one. it's going...slowly. I'm stuck in intake, which is like watching paint dry. Tell me things to entertain me!
Ew, gross. I just get today and Saturday off this week, but since I just got back from a damn island, I can't even be mad about it. Do you think watching paint dry would be more entertaining than intake?
Uhhh, things to entertain you... 90s party this weekend?! Are you going?
Ugh, I know this feeling. take me back to wildwood! I think it would depend on the color, really. lbr.
Yes! oh gosh, yes. I'm so excited. can't wait to get my costume-ing on.
I'll take you to wildwood if you take me back to my island~ Let's say the color is pink. And GOOD. I know Ali is going, Topher's mah date, it'll be good to see your perfect little face. Any idea how you're dressing?
You've got yourself a deal, babeh. I can't wait to see everyone dressed in their 90's finest. I do! Actually, the last part of my outfit came in yesterday. I'm going to be Kapowski'd out. What about you?
I love literally any and every excuse to pretend I still live in the 90s. UGH, you are going to be the best Kapowski. I was leaning towards Corey Mason, Empire Records? Skirt and red bra and all.
me too! the colors! The crazy patterns. It was a great excuse to just walk into the closet and pull random things together. Ahh! Thank you! She was basically my role model growing up, so I thought it made perfect sense. Oh gosh, that's going to be AMAZING. Pro-Corey here.
Hahahaha, I definitely know the feeling! I already own so much denim that it wasn't even an issue to pull together a 90s outfit from crap I already own. Are you gonna be cheerleader Kapowski? Or college Kapowski? I AM INVESTED. Corey is amazeballs and I have to make sure Topher is cool with being AJ because cheesy.
I'm going to be high school promo shoot Kelly. You know the one, from the t-shirt? That hair was too real. AHH oh god, the cheese. I'm all sorts of in love with it.
OH, I think I know what you're talking about. Giiiiirl, work it. Own it. I'm so excited. And the cheese! It kind of makes me weirdly and grossly happy, lbr.
But other than 90s shit and me being the corniest person alive these days, how are youuuu
I cannot WAIT to debut it. It'll be my best costume, to date. Um you deserve both weird and gross types of happiness, boo. Embrace the mush! Me? I'm good. living the dream, doing my thang. You know how it is. Enjoying the little things.
I'll find you the minute I get there then so I can scream about how good you look. And thank youuu. :3 Embracing the mush. Yeah? Anything new with you?
Oh gosh, you're too much! YOU ARE WELCOME. But it's serious, you deserve happy. If anyone does? it's you. Ah, you know, the whole 'moving on, moving up' kind of deal. There's been quite a bit of time spent with a certain beautiful Mexican man that's made my days not so mundane, too.
I'm always happy! Now just...happier. Everything is good, life is good, I'm enjoying the ride. I neeeeeeeed to know more about this beautiful Mexican man though, you know that right?
Well you know what I mean. That warm, mushy type happy! Haha of course! But there's not much to tell. Still really new, except all I know is? He makes me feel good when I'm with him. No questions, no second guessing, just good.
I am definitely feeling extraordinarily mushy, especially today. It's gross and I'm pretty okay with it. Ooooh, I want to know all the things. You also deserve to be happy, pretty lady! The warm, mushy type of happy.
So long as you're okay with it? then it's golden! Yeah, I'm slowly starting to remind myself of that. He makes me smile and then there are those damned butterflies in the stomach type feels, you know the ones I'm talking about....
Ah, fuck. I do know the butterflies you're talking about. Or at least I think I do. Is he gonna be there this weekend?
Right?! like you want them to quit their flapping and's cute, so you want it to keep going! He's not. I don't know, he doesn't really know Ashton and we're still at this phase where we're enjoying each other one on one. but I'm probably going to see him afterward.
Totally get that. Cute is good! And butterflies are good! And being happy is really, really good! I'm stoked for you, I want to be kept in the loop because I am nosy.
haha of course! Any updates will be sent your way. It's just good know, be out of a holding pattern of emotions
Ugh yeah. I really only knew, like, surface level of what was going on there and I never wanted to pry.
let's be honest, I feel like that's all I knew, too. Or know, because it's still present tense-sih. But you know, it's like that one movie, He's Just Not That Into You. You've gotta be the exception, not the rule.
God that's fucking brutal. YOU ARE TOO PERFECT AND WONDERFUL. People don't need to be dragging you around like that.
Ah, it's not that bad! I swear! I mean, it's just a realization I had. Epiphany, even. I think I might have friend-zoned myself and I think that's probably for the best.
It probably is for the best, especially since you've got this beautiful new mystery man~
exactly! Close a door and a window opens! or something. I think that's what that phrase is supposed to mean, anyway
Probably. It's a new adventure! That's how I always look at it.
Recent Calls
Marilyn Kennedy
July 9, 2015 at 4:43 PM
Mom Hey, sweetie. Is this a good time?
Wyatt Of course! I've always got time for my favorite mother.
Mom I'm your only mother, Wy, but I appreciate it. Anyway, your dad wanted me to give you another call and make sure you were planning to come up for the party this weekend. He said he tried calling this morning but got your voicemail. I thought today was your day off?
Wyatt Oh, yeah, I slept in a little bit today. Had a late night. But yes! I'm riding up with Ellie on Saturday to come see you and the entire fam bam. I've got some plans later that night, but I'll stick around the village for a while.
Mom Oh, good. I know we just saw you last weekend for your dad's birthday, but we miss you a lot when you're gone. We'll take what we can get.
Wyatt I know, Ma. I miss you guys too, don't worry. How's everything?
Mom Good, good. You know, the usual around here. Your dad's going crazy at the bookstore and I've been trying to help him out since it's summer break. August is...being August, no surprise there.
Wyatt Does he need help with anything? I can use some of my days off to come up and help out if he needs it...
Mom Oh no, I think he'll be okay. You know how he gets.
Wyatt I do! He's a bit batty, that one. What's August up to right now?
Mom She is... Oh, hold on, actually. She's right here.
Wyatt Put the munchkin on.
August Wyatt?
Wyatt Hey! No... Baby, bring it closer to your mouth. Like that, yeah. Hey, you! Are you driving Ma insane right now?
August Noooo, I'm being good, I swear. She just won't let me build a tree house like you told me to! She says you broke your arm when you tried making one and it's dangerous and I can't have one unless Daddy builds it for me.
Wyatt That's probably for the best. I'll make you a deal, munchkin. How about Daddy and I build you a tree house this weekend when I come up to visit? Think that'll be okay?
August You're coming to see me? Yes! Okay, yes, please make the tree house for me. I want it big and tall and I want it to have a lot of stairs on the inside and a lot of windows, too, and I want it to be big enough so that Mama or Daddy can come inside with me when they miss me.
Wyatt I'm coming to see you, Aug. I'll be sure to build you a big and tall tree house with lots of stairs and windows, okay?
August Okay!
Wyatt Alright, can you give the phone back to Ma? I promise I'll talk to you soon. I'll see you this weekend, okay? I love you, munchkin.
August I love you! Here's Mama.
Wyatt Hey... God, she's fucking growing up so fast, I can't believe it.
Mom Hey! Language, missy.
Wyatt Sorry! It's just... You know, she's getting so big. It shocks me.
Mom I know. She reminds me so much of you when you were a kid.
Wyatt Well, you've got your hands full then. Hey Ma, I'm sorry to cut this short but I've gotta go. I need to pick up some stuff to make dinner.
Mom Okay, sweetie. Just let me know when you and Ellie are on your way up here Saturday.
Wyatt I will. Love you, Ma.
Mom Love you too, Wy.