Hey! Just letting you know I'm about to leave NYC, so unless you've changed your mind...I'll see you Saturday!
I already steam-cleaned the carpets, so there's no backing out now. Drive safely, see you this weekend!
Steamed carpets? Then it's a done deal. I'll let you know my ETA when it gets closer.
Perfect, let me know if you need anything else.
I still can't believe you're gone. :(
How's the drive?
No sad faces, please! Don't make me turn this van around, El. :/ And the drive is okay. Nothing spectacular. I'm at a gas station right now trying not to slowly kill myself because driving alone fucking blows and I'm exhausted.
I hope you're being safe. I mean, I understand the irony in me texting you while you're driving, but since you're currently at a gas station...
I'm staying safe. Don't worry. I'm about to get back on the road, though, so I'll text you the next time I take a break. K?
Alright. Let me know when you're done driving for the day so we can FaceTime. I already miss you.
I'm not DEAD, but. I miss you more. We'll chat tonight, I promise. Love you, El.
K, be safe. Love you.
Recent Calls
Daddy (Ray Kennedy)
Dec 8, 2015 at 8:01 PM
Daddy Hello, daughter. I've been expecting your call.
Wyatt Hi, old man. Sorry, I just pulled in for the night otherwise I would've called sooner, were the one who told me not to talk and drive.
Daddy Good girl. How was your first day on the road?
Wyatt Not bad! I made it to Indiana, so I'm staying the night, South Bend? It's right off 90. I don't think I'm too far outside of Chicago, actually.
Daddy Well, good. Are you being safe? I keep checking the weather in Portland and it seems to be raining a lot...
Wyatt Of course I'm being safe, Pops. No drinking and driving, no texting. I'm taking breaks every few hours so I don't get tired or cramped up. You don't have to worry very much about me, you know?
Daddy I know, but you're my baby girl, Wiley. My little coyote. I'm always gonna worry about you. How's the weather in Indiana?
Wyatt Right now? Dark. But it's not raining. I think it's supposed to rain tomorrow, though.
Daddy Okay, then definitely be safe when you head out tomorrow, and be sure you call me the first chance you get.
Wyatt I will. How's Mom? And Aug? Ellie texted me earlier today, but I haven't heard from anyone else yet. They doing okay?
Daddy You know your mother. She's just worried about you making that drive all by yourself. You know I would've gone with you if you'd asked. I wouldn't have minded taking the week off work to help you move, Wiley.
Wyatt It's really okay, I promise. What about August? Is she asleep right now or...?
Daddy She's been... Well, I'm not sure she totally understands what's happening? She cried a little bit this morning after you left, you know, threw a tantrum about you moving, but right now? She seems okay. Probably distracted, you know how kids are. They forget everything after ten seconds.
Wyatt Oh...okay. Listen, Dad, I'm super tired so I'm gonna hit the sack, okay?
Daddy Alright, baby girl. Remember to call me tomorrow morning before you leave and when you find somewhere to stay for the night. Are you doing alright on money?
Wyatt I will, I will. And yeah, I'm doing okay. Tell everybody I love them.
Daddy You got it. I love you, Wy. And hey, be careful, okay? Call me in the morning.
Wyatt I will be. Love you too, old man. Goodnight.
Daddy Love you. G'night, Wyatt.
Mom (Marilyn Kennedy)
Dec 08, 2015 at 9:15 PM
Call Back
I figured you'd be asleep. Your dad said you sounded pretty tired on the phone. But I was just calling to tell you goodnight and that I love you. Please, please, please call me or your father before you leave tomorrow morning, okay? And let us know when you find a place to stay tomorrow night. August is kind of miffed that she missed out on talking to you, so when you call tomorrow, we'll get her on the phone. Anyway, sleep tight, Wy. Be safe driving tomorrow. Call me when you wake up. Love you, baby girl.
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