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full name wyatt parker kennedy birthdate + age may 9, 1990 & 27 place of birth sleepy hollow, new york relationship status #foreveralone
For most, a life passion became rooted in childhood interests—writers who became infatuated with storytelling after piecing together their first written sentence; artists who doodled in their margins from a young age and showed no signs of slowing down; astronomers, losing themselves in the stars the moment they first realize just how small they are in a wide, unknown universe.

But Wyatt Parker Kennedy showed no proclivities for writing or art or the universe—no signs for anything, really, that would motivate her to become something extraordinary. She dabbled in journaling, in doodling, in watching the clouds pass by on lazy afternoons. She made friends in her neighborhoods and schools, captained imaginary pirate ships, built several faulty treehouses without her father's help and broke her wrist trying to prove there was nothing wrong with her constructions. And while there was no single, solitary, overwhelming passion burning inside her, Wyatt made the most of her fleeting interests and hobbies, and she eventually developed a taste for the spontaneity of things.

The oldest of three girls—one born long after Wyatt's childhood officially ended—she had no shortage of imagination to keep her and her younger sister occupied. When Wyatt and Elliot curled up in one or the other's bed at night, they spoke in hushed tones of what adventures they'd embark on the next morning. Who would they be fighting next? What would they be fighting for? And they giggled and giggled until either their mother or father lovingly told them to keep quiet, and then they'd return to whispering about the next Big Adventure until they were both sound asleep.

And this was how Wyatt grew up. Loved. Encouraged. Supported by her parents and her baby sister to just go out and do. James and Sarah Kennedy attributed their oldest's impulsiveness to her age, but when Wyatt got older and showed no signs of settling, they realized theirs was a wandering child and there wasn't much to do about it. And so, Wyatt continued growing up loved, encouraged, supported, and she grew up better for it.

By the time she was late into her teens, it became apparent that Wyatt wasn't cut out to follow the typical path of her peers. Her mind was always going, interests always shifting, and she knew that trying to squeeze one major into four years at university would result in disaster. With so many little hobbies and no singular goal in life, college wasn't part of Wyatt's plan (at least not then). And she knew it. Her parents knew it, and they didn't push for her to at least try a semester or two, just to see how university fit. They understood that she needed to keep going out and doing, just as she'd always done, and they grew less and less uneasy with her decision the closer it got to Wyatt's high school graduation.

It came and went, and Wyatt—newly 18 and a big sister again to baby August—decided that she would do as so many before her had done: she'd move from her small village to the Big Apple try to make something of herself. The fall after her graduation, Wyatt moved out of her childhood home and into a small, dirty apartment in New York City. She took on odd jobs to pay the rent and stayed out late making new friends at bars, clubs, parks, bookstores and coffee shops—anywhere there could be a potential new friend, she was there.

Eight years later, it was finally time for Wyatt to get out of New York City and make a life for herself somewhere else. After quitting her job, ending a relationship and losing her best friend, a fresh start was exactly what she needed. And so, with a lot of thought but very little planning, Wyatt made the decision to move across the country to Portland, Oregon. There, she moved in with a guy she met on Craigslist and started working at a local brewery.

After six months, a great living situation that turned awkward and a failed attempt at finding herself, Wyatt set off on another impulsive journey—to Florida. She planned to start school in the fall of 2017 but those plans have been derailed as she figures out who she is and what she wants out of life—and that could take a while.

the deep stuff Nicknames include: Wy, WP, Wyatt Earp, Wyatt Kittenedy. She's fond of them all.

Rides a 2006 Harley Davidson FXDBI Dyna Street Bob when she's not walking or taking public transportation. It's her pride and joy.

Sleeps with a stuffed animal named Pig that is actually just a fat, pink, round rabbit. She's had Pig since she was 6 and is fiercely protective of him.

Can shoot a slingshot and toss a tomahawk. She'll eventually start taking archery and glass blowing lessons, when she finds the time (and money).

Is allergic to shellfish and keeps Benadryl and an EpiPen on her at all times.

Is actually quite crafty. She tends to make her own jewelry and enjoys learning new DIY tricks, like making teacup candles and keychains and journals.

Has traveled quite a bit. Her family took trips to surrounding states while she was growing up, and Wyatt has made several road trips around the country on her own. A few notable trips include: two weeks backpacking through Peru with her sister, Ellie; a road trip to Alaska with a longtime friend, Vic; and a solo trip to Iceland.